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Buddy Belt Dog Harness


Buddy Belt Dog Harness. Buddy Belt is the original all leather, easy to use, step-in dog harness with a unique design that eliminates pressure on your pet`s sensitive tracheal area. Proven to minimize pulling by giving back a dog`s upper mobility, allowing them to sniff and move naturally. Why use a harness?

- Custom fit design that comfortably hugs the body resulting in little acclimation time.
- Made of 100% leather and quality hardware.
- Handcrafted in Canada.
- Girth measures full circle around dog`s body, directly behind the front legs.

Size 1: Girth: 8-10 in. Weight <2 lbs.
Size 2: Girth: 10-12 in. Weight 2-4 lbs.
Size 3: Girth: 12-14 in. Weight 4-8 lbs.
Size 3.5 : Girth: 13-15 in. Weight 7-9 lbs.
Size 4: Girth: 14-16 in. Weight 8-12 lbs.
Size 5: Girth: 16-18 in. Weight 12-18 lbs.
Size 6: Girth: 18-22 in. Weight 18-25 lbs.
Size 7: Girth: 22-26 in. Weight 25-45 lbs.
Size 8: Girth: 26-30 in. Weight 45-60 lbs.
Size 9: Girth: 30-36 in. Weight 60-85 lbs.
Size 10: Girth: 35-42 in. Weight 85-100+ lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you supervise your dog until they get used to wearing the Buddy Belt. Some dogs are not used to wearing a harness and may chew through the leather. Chewing is not covered under the manufacturer`s warranty.
$45.00 to $182.00

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