Ruffwear Waterproof and Reflective Dog Collar


Waterproof and Reflective Dog Collar. Got a soggy, stinky collar? This collar will avoid those sticky situations! The TPU/silicone coated webbing is waterproof and non-absorbent, so no water or oils from the dog`s fur can soak in and start to stink. This quick-drying material also helps prevent neck chafing. Unlike other stiff waterproof collars, this is extremely flexible, yet pull-tested to withstand 400lbs of pressure. Comfort for your four-legged friend and peace of mind for you. A highly reflective screen print pattern allows you to see your dog easily in low light conditions. Available in black or red.

- TPU/silicone coated webbing
- Reflective pattern
- Waterproof
- Non absorbent

M: 14 - 20 in. L x 1 in. W
L: 20 - 26 in. L x 1 in. W


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