Buddy Belt Harness Special Colors


Buddy Belt, the ultimate dog harness now comes in special colors! Our Buddy Belts are one of our most popular harnesses, as they provide both comfort and control. Highly recommended by veterinarians, our Buddy Belt is a humane, comfortable collar-like harness designed to eliminate the stress on your pet`s neck. Handcrafted from 100% soft, double-layered leather, it is easy to use and slips on in seconds. Not only is our leather durable, it softens and molds to the body for a custom fit. Leather is tear and puncture resistant. Don`t forget a matching lead! Why use a harness?

Size 1: Girth: 8-10 in.
Size 2: Girth: 10-12 in.
Size 3: Girth: 12-14 in.
Size 3.5 : Girth: 13-15 in.
Size 4: Girth: 14-16 in.
Size 5: Girth: 16-18 in.
Size 6: Girth: 18-22 in.
Size 7: Girth: 22-26 in.
Size 8: Girth: 26-30 in.
Size 9: Girth: 30-36 in.
Size 10: Girth: 35-42 in.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you supervise your dog until they get used to wearing the Buddy Belt. Some dogs are not used to wearing a harness and may chew through the leather. Chewing is not covered under the manufacturer`s warranty.
$45.00 to $182.00

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Buddy Belt Dog Harness
$45.00 to $182.00

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