Petzlife Oral Care Spray 1oz


Petzlife Oral Care Spray 1oz. Start your pet on the road to better oral health today. The all-natural ingredients in Petzlife Oral Care Spray safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Best of all, no brushing required!

- Safe for dogs and cats
- Light mint scent
- Made in the USA

Ingredients: 100% all natural distilled water, grain alcohol, peppermint oil, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, thyme oil, neem oil.

Recommended Dosage:
Pets under 12 lbs.: 2-3 sprays
Pets 13-35 lbs.: 3-4 sprays
Pets 36-60 lbs.: 4-5 sprays
Large Breeds: 5-6 sprays

1 oz.

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