Easy Go Necktie Dog Harness


Easy Go Necktie Dog Harness. An Easy Go harness for the GQ pup! This all-in-one dog harness is simple to put on and comfortable to wear. Unlike other mesh harnesses that use Velcro straps on the lower chest which can loosen over time and diminish safety, the Easy Go design is tightened from the back which allows much greater security. The harder the dog pulls the tighter the harness gets. Matching lead is included with the harness!

XS: Length Fits 7-9 in. I Neck 7- 9 in. I Girth 11- 15 in.
S: Length Fits 9-11 in. I Neck 9-11 in. I Girth 14-19 in.
M: Length Fits 11-13 in. I Neck 11-12 in. I Girth 17-23 in.
L: Length Fits 13-15 in. I Neck 12-14 in. I Girth 20-27 in.


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